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Rules of the game in English

We keep having our meetings on line!

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Our CLEPSYDRA – Reading urban actions – has officially become international since we have been connected with other cities , among which S. Pedro, Argentina and from now on there will certainly be more and more good opportunities to increase the number of people who can meet virtually on the web from all over the world, maybe sitting on a comfortable armchair at home !

Welcome to worldwide CLEPSYDRA then… !

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  1. you can take part in the meetings only as an active participant (Come on, you can play even for just a few seconds, the important thing is that you give your contribution!)
  2. according to the theme / word given you can choose what you like, you can read a passage taken from a great author, or show an image of a scene of a film, or let people listen to sounds, musical pieces, songs or you can suggest body movements or sensorial experience. Your contribution may last max 7 minutes depending on the number of people involved. If there are many people taking part in the event the time allowed for your presence may be shorter and you may be given only 3 or 4 minutes. Anyway the time may be decided together at the beginning of each game.

CAREFUL! For Clepsydra ON LiNE you might be given only 2 minutes since the number of participants will probably be high!

Thanks to Patrizia Ripa for the translation